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Core Systems
Single Board Computers

The embedded industrial computer market

Our primary market consists of OEMs who embed computers in military & space applications, transportation, control, security and energy systems; and data acquisition. Our rugged computers are uniquely designed to withstand wide temperature ranges and shock and vibration. Because Octagon computers are smaller than most other industrial PCs, they can be used in many applications not served by the traditional market.

Product Longevity

For 27 years Octagon has designed product longevity into its embedded products. Our design philosophy includes:

  • Multiple–source components selected in our initial design reviews for multiple–source availability;

  • an on–line, cycle–life management database with electronic PCNs (product change notifications);

  • strategic partnerships with multiple vendors to create optimal component allocations;

  • redesigns and upgrade paths to ensure that replacement options are available before components are obsolete.

Proof is availability

Octagon's policy is to make our products as long as possible. They currently build and support products that were introduced over 14 years ago. Custom and semi–custom designs are still being produced that where implemented over 10 years ago.


In the event that a critical component is discontinued by the manufacturer, Octagon will:

  • notify customers of the end–of–life;

  • on a case–by–case basis contract to purchase and maintain key items in stock;

  • provide as possible new replacement designs and upgrade options.


Octagon is an industry leader in innovative solutions for embedded industrial PCs.

Computer aided design (CAD) center

Octagon's CAD center is equipped with the latest design tools for high–tech computer development. Using an advanced shape–based, auto–routing system, Octagon can route new designs in a matter of hours while minimizing line lengths and avoiding RF emissions structures. Our circuit board designs incorporate processors like the Intel(r)–compatible X86 (from 386SX to PIII) and MMX technologies, as well as industry–standard buses, like the PCI, PC/104, PC/104–Plus, and ISA Buses.

This means the products keep pace with today's rapidly changing technologies. Your project will be securely based for future technological developments as well as the needs of your system today.

Compatibility testing

We want your systems to operate in the most demanding environments. So, we subject our computers to rigorous tests with industry–standard operating systems, with compatibility diagnostics, and with third–party adapters/peripherals. We do this before our computers go into production. We prove compatibility before you design in our computers. In fact, we often engineer third–party alliances to provide software and hardware support from companies like Fedora, Redhat, Microsoft(r), Datalight and Opto 22, that simplify your system development.

Electro–magnetic compliance (EMC) test center

One of the fastest growing areas of global regulatory standards is electro–magnetic compliance, such as CE, FCC, T†V, and VDE. Our EMC center is outfitted with state–of–the–art EMC design, test, and measurement tools. So, we can test and scan our products to prove they meet acceptable levels of electro–magnetic interference and immunity. In fact, we even analyze our board designs for potential problems with various EMC guidelines. This means your system goes to market in compliance with the appropriate standards.
Some of the standards that Octagon screen for include:

  • FCC class A & B emissions

  • CISPR 22 emissions

  • CE Mark emissions (EN500081–2 1993)

  • CE Mark susceptibility (EN500082–2 1995)

  • EN55022 industrial

  • IEC–1000–4–x immunity

Consistent and reliable EMC measurements
EMC measurements are often distorted by radiation from radio, television and other sources of RF energy. Octagon guarantees the accuracy of its EMC test results with a device called a GTEM Cell. This RF anechoic chamber measures radiation from a computer and susceptibility of the computer to external radiation. Octagon also uses the most advanced spectrum analysis and instrumentation hardware and software. The end result is consistent and reliable test data.

Immunity testing
As a pioneer in designing computer products for harsh environments, we know the importance of immunity testing. We use the latest signal generation equipment to simulate electrically noisy environments where incidental radiation from sources such as collapsing fields might damage or alter the circuitry of our boards. We also can test computer performance under ESD, fast transient and surge conditions. This brutal testing simulates the real world where reliability counts. Printed test reports are available to OEM customers.

EMC certification
Many international standards require a written report of EMC test results. As part of our EMC program, a "report of measurement" is created that outlines the data collection and assessment process. We then generate a summary of the information. This EMC Certificate of Assessment is available for your records as well.

Environmental stress screening
We know that certain components tend to be more susceptible to failure under environmental stress than others. So, we test the product life of our computers early in the design phase to identify and correct any "weak links." The HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) verifies the operating and destructive limits of our computers.

The HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) test is similar to the HALT test but occurs at the manufacturing stage. We burn–in our computers, and then statistically sample and subject them to HASS testing to reveal any latent defects. This means manufacturing problems show up in our laboratory, not in your field operation. The computer we ship to you is one you can count on.

HALT testing subjects our computers to temperature and vibration stresses well beyond the range of conditions that we design them to endure. So, when we say our computers operate over a broad temperature range of –40ˇ to 85ˇ C, and in 5g vibration and 40g shock, we can stake our reputation on it. And, you can bet that your embedded system will operate time after time, just as you designed it. A summary of these test results is available for both your company records and your customers.


Because we design, manufacture, and test on–site in Colorado, we have a "closed loop." That means the design engineer is on the production line. Problems or issues can be resolved in minutes, not in days or weeks. The design engineer and the production team work hand–in–hand, communicating quickly without misinterpretation or cultural or process gaps that can occur when production and engineering are isolated from each other.

Our Design For Manufacturing (DFM) program means higher production yields at lower costs with shorter cycle times. From the first gleam in the design engineer's eye through a product release, Octagon's production team influences our board designs. That means on–time delivery, all the time.

Our application engineers, who answer your service call, work side–by–side with the production team and the engineers who design our products. If you call for assistance, our application engineers can walk right on to our production floor and get you answers fast. They are just steps away from the engineer who designed your board.

Octagon's quality system is certified to the ISO–9001: 2008 standard. Octagon was the first embedded computer company to achieve ISO–9000 certification in 1993. We track our quality through all our processes and post the results for customers to inspect on plant visits. Each CPU card has a proven history, and our tests are certified and signed by the technician who performed the test. A certificate copy is shipped with each product.

Our test technicians bring a honed skill set and a deep pool of knowledge to our processes. Our process operators have at least seven years, or more, of industry experience. Octagon complies with IPC standards, and our production staff are trained and certified to IPC–610B. Our entire production team is committed to Octagon's long–term success.

Whether you order one or 100 cards, you get the same priority. Our employees are rewarded for shipping on–time for each line item, irrespective of quantity. The same effort applies to our RMA processes. Our average time to repair goal is 16 days, and we've beaten that year–to–date.

We are building a "borderless" company. Our processes are designed to flow like a stream through various departments–from the marketing specification, to the circuit design, to CAD layout, to validation, to production, to test and burn–in, to your doorstep. That means you always get the quality you expect, the answers you need, the service you want.


ISO 9001:2008
Octagon is an industry leader in innovative solutions for embedded industrial PCs.

Octagon's quality policy
Octagon Systems is dedicated to Simplifying Technology.  Quality, Integrity, Ownership, Flexibility and Continuous Improvement are at the heart of our operations. 

We are committed to meeting our customer’s requirements for High Quality Products, Superior Service and Excellent Value.

ISO guarantees our customers continual improvement
ISO focuses on the effectiveness of the "quality management system" in meeting customer needs and requirements. The standard aims at enhancing customer satisfaction through effective company processes and systems and through continual improvement of those processes.

ISO audits occur twice a year
Octagon is audited every six months by an independent registrar, and we are re–certified at those intervals if we pass the audit. We have passed every audit since 1993.

Our commitment to customers
Employees at every level are responsible for the quality system. Employees document their work processes and strive to make each process more efficient and cost–effective. Managers ensure employees have the resources and support to analyze and improve company systems. Our managers review our entire quality management system once a year. We pass on the improvements and cost–savings to our customers in better products, better service, and better delivery times. Our on–time delivery is 98.4% y–t–d.

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