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Mobile server that is easily expandable
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Octagon's line of CORE Systems offers a ready-to-use, expandable system with integrated hardware and software. The RMB-S is a fully functional, powerful computing system for applications where reliable operation in harsh environments is the overriding requirement. The external case is designed to ensure maximum reliability in environments with high shock, vibration and/or temperature. Temperature range is from –40° C to 85° C.

Fanless operation: Heat generating components are thermally connected to the case to help prevent internal hot spots. Operates in ambient temperatures from –40° to 85° C, depending upon the processor speed, user options and mass storage devices. The optimally designed thermal conduction system channels heat from the CPU and the power supply directly to the finned case and rear heat sink.

The RMB-S includes processing power, mobile power supply, memory, connector card and I/O for most applications. Enclosure with standardized end plates, option panel and standardized I/O and power connectors. The RMB-S can be used as a central server, a stand–alone CPU, or a remote terminal. It is suitable for installation in police cars, military armored vehicles, buses, rail cars, taxis, locomotives, trucks, aircraft, or harsh industrial environments.

Operating System:
Windows XPe and Linux compatible.

Custom I/O option panel: An option panel can be easily removed and punched for custom connectors, annunciators and controls.

Standard I/O includes: Ethernet, USB, serial, audio, video, and digital I/O. Because the RMB is fully functional out–of–the–box, additional I/O like GPS, analog, GPRS, etc., can be readily added via PC/104 and PC/104–Plus modules.  

High shock & vibration:
The interior of the case has been designed specifically to withstand the levels of shock and vibration found in mobile systems. The overlapping design of the extrusion and the conductive connections between all the metal components minimize emissions and enhance safety.

The RMB-S offers a "no compromise" design for a mobile server that optimizes the electrical, thermal and mechanical components for maximum reliability. The result is a powerful, yet fanless system in a rugged extrusion.

Mounting options:
#7202 Standard mounting plate system
#7201 Shock and vibration dampening system
#7129 Quick-release system

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RMB exterior


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