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5266 Pentium

Micro PC SBC - Pentium

5266 SBCDownload the Datasheet

All-in-one Micro PC
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The 5266 CPU card is a high–performance, low–power, 6th generation x86 workhorse for embedded applications.The 5266 offers a rich family of essential I/O functions. It integrates video, serial ports, Ethernet, digital I/O (shared with the LPT), audio and USB networking into a single card. Support for two hard drives gives this card the versatility to adapt to any application. The 5266 is the solution for applications in transportation, security, military, communications, distributed control, point–of–sale, ticketing machines, weighing equipment, and other similar environments. The low–power requirements make it suitable for situations where battery life or heat dissipation is a concern.

Operating System:
This CPU provides enough computing power for virtually any embedded application. It is fully compatible with most operating systems. The available INT17 functions for DOS provide easy access to the enhanced features such as watchdog timer, read/writes to serial EEPROM, digital I/O, and user jumpers.

Octagon’s Micro PC form factor provides a proven family of low–cost expansion cards for quick and easy system customization and configuration. The Micro PC card cages are a convenient rack for a CPU card with one to seven additional expansion cards. The 5266 can be mounted in any passive ISA backplane or used stand–alone, mounted with standoffs.

Our products are designed and manufactured with exacting specifications under the supervision of a quality management system that is ISO 9001 certified. The 5266 will withstand high shock and vibration and operates in temperature ranges from –40° to +70° C (500 MHz operation).

This rugged, single board computer will provide years of reliable service in the most challenging environments.

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