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5070-3 5x86

Micro PC SBC - 5x86

5070 SBCDownload Datasheet

USB, Ethernet, CompactFlash, video & PC/104 expansion

The 5070 is a highly integrated, PC–compatible, single board computer for thin-client and other network-enabled applications. Because of its small size and low power, it is also suited for portable and mobile products.

Operating System:
Standard PC architecture supported by compatible operating systems.

A PCI video controller drives CRT and flat panels (to 1280 x 1024). Two USB ports; a 10/100 Ethernet controller provides high–speed Ethernet access. The two COM ports are jumper–selectable for RS–232/422/485. Digital I/O, parallel, EIDE and floppy support. Up to 32 MB of SMT SDRAM and 1 GB of CompactFlash can be installed.

16–bit, PC/104, ISA Bus expansion available.

A true industrial card, the 5070 provides enough computing power for virtually any embedded application, while operating in extreme temperatures (–40° to 70° C operating range) and under heavy shock (40g) and vibration (5g). It can operate at lower clock rates for reduced power consumption, which makes it suitable for situations where battery life or heat dissipation is a concern. In addition, the on-board temperature sensor ensures the reliability of this card.

The 5070 provides AT power, performance and compatibility for space and budget-limited industrial applications. The board will operate “headless” without disks, keyboard or monitor.

This rugged, single board computer will provide years of reliable service in the most challenging environments.

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