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Environmental Loggers      

Organisations, whether in the public or private sector, are becoming increasingly aware that the environmental impact of their operations has implications for the environment we all share. Environmental impact can take many different forms including energy usage, waste treatment and disposal, emissions and air borne pollutants, toxins, water quality and salinity, radiated and conducted emissions etc.

Environmental Improvement Programs need to be prepared that identify areas where improvements can be made. The programs require costing and clearly specified expected outcomes from implementation – this could be a combination of environment impact and efficiency improvements in areas such as material and energy usage.

Organisations implementing environmental improvement programs need to monitor their performance. Environmental data acquisition and monitoring using a data logger provide the means to monitor almost every aspect of an organisation’s performance.

Designed and manufactured in Australia the dataTaker DT82E and DT82EM data loggers have been designed specifically for the environmental monitoring project.

Our data loggers are compatible with thousands of sensor types, including almost all temperature sensors, humidity sensors, pressure sensors, rain gauges and smart sensors.

To find out more about dataTaker products and some of the environmental projects undertaken – please click on the links below:

  • DT82E data logger
  • DT82EM remote data logger with integrated cellular modem
  • For further Environmental logging have a look at our Weather Stations and weather solutionst
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