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dataTaker - Data Loggers, Powerful and Flexible Data Acquisition and Data Logging Systems
Powerful Data Logger and Flexible Data Acquisition and Data Logging Systems

dataTakers in use

Datataker is a leading supplier of data loggers and data recording equipment to a broad range of customers throughout industry, public utilities, scientific and educational institutions.

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So what is Data Acquisition or a Data Logger anyway?

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in all facets of data acquisition, measurements and solutions.

DT85G Data Logger
For All Geotechnical Projects

DT85G Geologger data logger
dataTaker instrument driver for LabVIEW™ Free Download

Team up with dataTaker data loggers and LabVIEW for the most flexible data acquisition solutions.

Workshops and in-house facilities.
For those who prefer hands on training our workshops, seminars and in-house training programs offer a great way to learn more about data acquisition.   Our experienced trainers take you through our hands on practical workshop where you will learn to set up, configure and program your dataTaker data logger using worked examples.



New! Advanced Geotechnical data loggers from Datataker.

DT85G  Geologger data logger   DT80G  Geologger data logger

Datataker launches two new geotechnical data loggers dataTaker DT80G and dataTaker DT85G.  

Based on the highly successful dataTaker DT80 range the new GeoLoggers provide an extremely versatile, easy to use solution for all geotechnical projects.  Rugged design and construction provide reliable operation in the extremes of the geotechnical environment.

With built in vibrating wire support, user friendly configuration and advanced communications options the dataTaker GeoLoggers provide the ‘All-in-One’ solution for monitoring in geotechnical installations.  Whether stand alone or networked, data can be recovered via USB memory stick, RS232, FTP, cell phone, Modbus, for SCADA, Ethernet or Web.  The built in web server allows direct access when connected to the internet without the need for polling or specific host software.

Expandable up to 300 channels the dataTaker GeoLoggers are compatible with all major brands of geotechnical sensors including Geokon, Slope Indicator, RST Instruments, Soil Instruments Roctest and AGI – Applied Geomechanics Inc.

Find out more about dataTaker DT80G and dataTaker DT85G products here.

New! Data logger
expands to 800 inputs

CEM20 data logger Channel Expansion Unit

Unbelievable but true. The compact dataTaker Channel Expansion Module (CEM20) provides the answer to low cost, low power data acquisition projects.

The release of the new dataTaker CEM20 Channel Expansion Module allows the dataTaker data loggers to be expanded to an incredible 800 data logging channels. Data monitoring projects requiring a large number of channels can simply add up to 15 channel expansion modules to the dataTaker data logger.

Every data logging channel can be configured to the users needs providing an extremely flexibility yet highly cost effective solution.

With user friendly configuration the dataTaker data logger can be programmed to transfer stored or live data via USB memory sticks, web page, mobile phone.

Whether you need just a couple of data logging channels or up to 800 inputs – dataTaker is your highly advanced yet low cost data acquisition solution