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Gill Wind Speed Indicator & Wind Displays

The Gill Instruments digital wind speed indicator is a combined wind speed and direction display available in two formats - standard or marine. Wind speed information is displayed using two, 3 digit LED arrays to display current wind speed and maximum or minimum gust data; and a double ring of 36 LEDs indicate current and average wind direction.

Gill wind speed indicators have been designed to operate with the Gill WindObserver II and WindSonic wind sensors. The Wind Display receives data directly from the wind sensor in either Gill or NMEA mode without the need for additional interfaces. It provides the power supply for the wind sensor and can be “daisy chained” to a second wind display to transfer wind sensor information.

Depending upon the capacity and type of cable used data transfer is possible up to a distance of 1000m.

User configurable, this wind speed indicator can display wind speed in various scales, mph, m/s, knots, km/h and Beaufort.
The power supply can also be configured to meet specific customer requirements.

A standard WindDisplay has 0˚-359˚ scale whereas the marine version, designed for use on board ships, shows 0˚-180˚ on both sides of the scale.

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Speed Display 3 digit, 7 seg LED display, 14.3mm height
Gust Display 3 digit, 7 seg LED display, 10.1mm height
Average 2 minutes, 10 minutes
Offset ±0.01m/s
Other Minimum & Maximum Gusts
Wind Speed Indicator
Units mph, m/s, knots, km/h, Beaufort
Wind Direction Indicator
Direction Display 36 LEDs circular, colour RED
Direction Average 36 LEDs circular, colour AMBER
Input / Output
Input RS422 or NMEA for marine display (output from Gill anemometer)
Output +15VDC Sensor Supply
RS422 input with daisy-chain output
Formats NMEA 4800 Baud
GILL 9600 Baud
Power Requirement
Power Supply 220V AC or 115V AC
Size 144mm x 144mm x 94mm
Weight 800g
Protection Class IP40
Humidity 5% to 90% RH
Operating Temperature -30ºC to +60ºC
Precipitation 300mm/hr
EMC BS EN 50081-1: 1992 (emissions class B)
Wind Speed Indicator Product Literature

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Wind Speed Indicator
Standard Wind Speed Indicator

Wind Speed Indicator
Marine Wind Speed Indicator




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