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MetPak II Weather Station with Remote Wind Sensor

MetPak II Weather Station with Remote Wind Sensor

MetPak II Remote is a compact and lightweight multi-sensor instrument that measures a wide range of weather parameters, with a remote WindSonic wind sensor for measurement of wind up to 10 metres away from the MetPak II Hub.

The WindSonic wind speed and direction sensor is suitable for mounting on a 10m mast, with the main MetPak II Hub fitted at a height of between 1.25m and 2m (10m cable supplied). This configuration meets the requirements of the World Meteorological Organization (Guide to Meteorological Instruments and Methods of Observation).

MetPak II remote features a barometric pressure sensor housed in a vented enclosure, and Rotronic Hygroclip HC2-S3 temperature/humidity probe housed in a naturally aspirated radiation shield. The main MetPak II unit features a rugged U-bolt mounting clamp, suitable for attachment to a vertical pipe up to 50mm diameter.

Weather Station Software

The MetPak II Remote Weather Station is provided with MetSet configuration software and MetView display software:

MetView Display Software for MetPak Download the datasheet

MetView Display Software

MetView is supplied free of charge with the MetPak II Remote, offering a clear, intuitive display of the current weather conditions.

MetView features five gauges: Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Wind Speed and Wind direction. There is also a digital readout of Dew Point.

MetSet Configuration Software for MetPak

MetSet Configuration Software

MetSet is a free software package that allows the user to configure the output and display data provided by the MetPak II Remote.

The simple interface features a range of drop-down selection boxes, providing the ability to enable or disable existing sensors and adjust output rates.

MetPak II Remote Weather Station Technical Information

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • Typical Applications

  • Documentation

  • Remote Wind Speed and Direction Measurement (sensor suitable for installation up to 10m away from main unit)

  • Air Temperature Measurement

  • Relative Humidity Measurement

  • Barometric Pressure Measurement

  • Dew Point Calculation

  • Compact, lightweight design

  • Rugged U-bolt mount suitable for installation on a vertical pipe


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