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How to Choose a Gill Ultrasonic Anemometer?

There are many different anemometer models available from Gill. Selecting the correct one for your application is key. It is therefore essential to fully understand the environment that exists where you intend to make the measurements. The instrument may need to measure and survive high wind speeds and so needs to be mechanically robust. It may also need to operate in very cold and icy conditions and to achieve this heated variants are available.

Corrosion resistance may also be important in offshore and certain industrial applications. There are also instances in potentially hazardous environments such as on Oil Rigs or within refineries where instruments certified as Intrinsically Safe in accordance with the ATEX directive are required. Gill provides a complete range of anemometers to meet these requirements. By viewing our range comparison chart selection is made easy. Alternatively contact our specialist applications engineers.

Advantages of the Gill Ultrasonic Anemometers:

- Proven ultrasonic technology and performance
- No Direction dead band
- Dedicated support
- De-icing system available on certain models for cold weather
- Quality control status codes as standard
- No moving parts no calibration required

Gill Instruments has specialised in the manufacture of ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors (anemometers) for more than twenty years.

Gill is an ISO 9001-2008 company with customers that include the UK Met Office, USA Navy, NOAA and FAA together with many prestigious research institutes such as RISO and the National Oceanographic Centre. Our sonic anemometers are calibrated and are traceable to national standards with formal and informal comparisons made with many other international meteorological institutes in Japan, USA, Australia, Germany and France.

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