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Heated Anemometer - Extreme Weather WindObserver™

Heated Anemometer - Extreme Weather WindObserver

The Extreme Weather WindObserver is a heated anemometer, designed to remain ice free in most freezing weather conditions. With exceptionally high heating power and the ability to measure wind speeds up to 75 m/s (0-168mph) this heated anemometer is ideal for use in extreme conditions where performance and high reliability are paramount.

heated anemometerWith 150 Watts of electrical heating producing 1 Watt/cm², and tested in accordance with MILSTD810F, this heated anemometer is particularly suited to operate as part of wind turbine control systems which are exposed to extreme weather conditions. Manufactured from stainless steel with no moving parts, the Extreme Weather WindObserver is ideal for replacing mechanical anemometers, which require regular maintenance and calibration, reducing down time and maintenance costs.

The Extreme Weather WindObserver heated anemometer gives an output status indicating the validity of data, so that you can be confident that the instrument is providing true data. The Windows® based WindCom communications package allows the user to configure the anemometer in various modes from a PC. Communication in operation is via RS422/RS485 bidirectional link, which allows several units to be networked together and data logged on demand.

Experience gained in the field has been translated into laboratory conditions where the instrument has been rigorously tested against internationally recognised standards and meets the stringent performance criteria specified by wind turbine manufacturers, airports, marine, oil and gas production, and meteorological organisations around the world.

Heated Anemometer Technical Information

  • Features

  • Specifications

  • Documentation

  • 2-axis heated anemometer providing wind speed and direction data

  • 0-75m/s wind speed

  • 0-359º wind direction range (no dead band)

  • Heating Power 7A @ 24VAC or DC (1W/cm²)

  • Speed accuracy for turbine control ±1% within ±25º of datum

  • Direction accuracy for turbine control ±1% within ±25º of datum

  • Calibration traceable to NAMAS standards

  • Free data logging software

  • Robust stainless-steel casing

  • Pipe mount as standard, other options available

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