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Measurement & Control Solutions represent products which are reliable, cost effective and timely solutions in the areas of environmental monitoring, scientific and industrial instrumentation.


Gill Instruments- meteorological instruments include ultrasonic anemometers and weather stations for wind speed and direction measurement, as well as wind speed indicators and displays for wind speed and direction information. Our ultrasonic anemometer range is the largest available worldwide, with robust designs spanning a broad application range.

Davis Weather Stations- Weather stations are available in both wireless and cabled versions. All include our innovative integrated sensor suite, which combines our rain collector, temperature and humidity sensors, and anemometer all into one package—making setup easier than ever and improving performance and reliability. Customize your weather station by adding additional consoles or one or more of the special-purpose stations, sensors to control irrigation, view data on the server or internet.

PDS Weather Station- A PDS Automatic Weather Station is supplied with our own Remterm Weather® software which provides the user with the ability to configure the station's operational parameters, (sensor types, measuring ranges, logging intervals, etc) and to retrieve the stored data in either graphical or report format. Real-time graphical display of data is also available, as is remote communication. PDS automatic weather stations offer an "open architecture" so that virtually any type of sensor (be it meteorological, air quality or water quality) may be connected - regardless of whether the sensor's output signal is voltage, current, resistance, frequency, contact closure or pulse. Other weather stations use a "closed architecture" whereby only sensors made by that particular manufacturer may be used. The constraints of such a system are obvious.

Kestrel Pocket Meters- Know the wind conditions, anytime, anywhere with the Kestrel Meter. Tough, accurate and affordable, it requires no setup - just hold it up to measure wind speed. It can track maximum and average wind speeds along with current readings, and allows you to choose measurement units to suit your application.





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