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Intelligent Communications Hub

  • Low cost, easy to use, low maintenence
  • Real time and historic data
  • Plug & play connectivity
  • Connect multiple devices

Example 1 - Meteorological

MetStream can be linked to a weather station or wind sensor, converting data readings to an Ethernet format so that you can connect to an existing network router or switch. MetStream will then process and locally store the data, which can then be streamed and viewed in a web browser.

You can even upload your weather data to existing sites such as WOW or Weather Underground. Template designs, data ideas and feedback from user communities will allow users to share, support and improve the way we all view and interpret data.

Meteorological Connectivity

Example 2 - Factory Safety Streaming

Need to remotely monitor security and safety features across several factory sites? MetStream can link several different security parameter sensors such as a webcam, electronic door locks and temperature monitors, processing and storing the data centrally. Using MetSteam's bridging feature to convert the sensor outputs and connect them to the security network, site staff can then view streamed data from each site on their Dashboard. Data can be easily customised to the format you want, including status indicators e.g. 'safe', 'warning' or 'check required'. MetStream Dashboards can even be streamed on the go to a smartphone, tablet, computer or other internet enabled device.

Factory Safety Streaming

Example 3 - Event Based Farming

With MetStream it's now possible for farmers to process and store information on soil moisture, tank levels and weather conditions using the MetStream Hub. Based on in-tank sensor readings, farmers can use their smartphone to check if the milk collection vats are full and ready for pick up. Similarly, the amount of water piped to a field could be controlled remotely, based on soil moisture, water flow and weather measurement data streamed from MetStream. What's more, GPS monitors fitted to farm vehicles would allow farmers to see where the farming machinery was and calculate how much longer work would take, allowing work schedules to be adjusted on the fly!

Event Based Farming


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