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MetStream 105 Intelligent Communications Hub

metstream105 Intelligent Communications Hub

MetStream® 105 incorporates the same features as MetStream 100 with an addition WiFi connection which allows users to connect an intelligent serial device to a network with unlimited scaling capability using modern communications protocols.

The MetStream Dashboard

MetStream® offers a platform agnostic and convenient graphics user interface to configure, visualise and store data locally or over the internet. Using a customisable browser-based interface, MetStream translates your devices' outputs into your language. The interface streams live measurement data on your computer, tablet, or smartphone at work, at home or on the go.

The dashboard is configurable to your instruments giving you full control over the display readings you want to see. Better still, Gill Instruments products sync with the dashboard using a straightforward "pick and click" interface.

metstream105 Intelligent Communications Hub Dashboard






Join in and get connected

It's easy to get started with MetStream®. Simply contact us here and we will assist you in your application. We can talk you through the benefits of the Hub and provide you with support and advice on how you can use it to suit your requirements. 

MetStream100 Intelligent Communications Hub Hub


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