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What are data loggers?


Our data loggers are battery powered measurement instruments with memory for unattended monitoring of temperature. To start the logging and to download the result, the data loggers are connected to PCs via interface cables. Graphic software provides options for initial setting and for extracting information.

Why choose T-TEC data loggers?

Data logger measuring frozen fish temperatures

T-TEC data loggers are the optimal choice due to the latest technology, unique design and powerful user friendly software. With the exception of the humidity loggers, all t-tec dataloggers are IP68 waterproof. All T-TEC data loggers are encased in a polycarbonate casing that is both durable and strong. Put in anywhere with the optional wall bracket and get all the detailed information on your screen. Curves from up to 8 different locations / data loggers may be called up simultaneously. All T-TEC Data Loggers have an LCD display as an optional extra.

A printable data sheet with an overview of T-TEC dataloggers.

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