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Data Logger Technical Specifications

Casing Polycabornate, watertight to IP68 Humidity loggers splash proof from top
Size 65 31 106 mm
Weight 115 g
Ambient -40 + 85 C
Battery 1 AA, 3.6V
T-TEC 6: Expected battery life: 3-4 years
T-TEC 7: Expected battery life: 2 years, Low battery warning on display
Sensor (see sensor specifications) Temperature: Precision Thermistor or Pt100
Humidity: capacitive precision
Memory E model: 12,000 to 25,000 sets of measurements
C model: 10,600 sets each sensor
F model: 10,600 sets each sensor (21,200 if only one)
A & P: 20,000 to 60,000 sets of measurements
Interface Special interface cable to serial port and/or special interface cable to USB Port
Security ID Permanent serial number
Warranty 1 Year (not incl. sensor)
Resolution Temperature: Better than 0.1 C (see sensor specifications)
Humidity: Better than 0.1%RH

Special Alarm functions

T-TEC 6: Audio alarms, T-TEC 7 visual alarms

When starting the logging, one or two alarms may be set as minimum and/or maximum alarms. A period of grace may be set in minutes. Alarms can be programmed to reset themselves once a day at a chosen time. Type C loggers (For temperature and Humidity) have alarm functions for temperature only.

Special Relay Output

Some types may be supplied with optional relay output. Change-over relay, all three contacts available. Contacts: Gold clad silver contacts. Nominal switching capacity (Resistive load) 1A/30V DC, 0.5A 125V AC

Thermochron data logger specifications

Casing Stainless Steel, Polypropylene seal
Size 17.35mm diameter 5.9mm height
Weight 3.2 g
Ambient -40 to 85 C. Should not be exposed to temperatures in excess of 70 C for prolonged time.
Battery Built in: Non-replaceable
Estimated life time: 5-7 years, depending on:
  • ambient temperature
  • number logs taken
  • resolution (DS1922 and DS1923)
  • Logging interval (DS1922 and DS1923)
Sensor Built in, semiconductor

DS1921: 2,048 logs

DS1922: 4096 or 8192 (depending on resolution)

DS1923: 2,048 or 4,096 (depending on resolution)

USB adaptor
Security ID Engraved unique serial number on case. This number also embedded in internal electronics.
Resolution 1921: 0.5 C
1922: 0.5 C (low resolution) or 0.0625 C (high resolution)

1923: 0.5 C (low resolution) or 0.0625 C (high resolution)

Accuracy 1 C from -20 + 70 C, at time of calibration at factory.
Time Accuracy Maximum 8 minutes minutes per month over full temperature range.

Thermochron is a registered trademark of Maxim Integrated Products.

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