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Electronic Thermometers



Electronic Min-max Thermometer (EMT 888) is a handy thermometer that displays the current, the minimum and the maximum temperature, easily reset with only one button. Great for fridges and ambient temperatures. Example of use: vaccine fridges. Contact for more Information

RT300 2


The RT300 DUAL Thermometer is very handy because it offers two functions in one:
Infra red measurement as well as a very accurate fold-out probe. Designed for food inspection, it has Food Zone indication: A green light will show if the food measured is less than 4 C or above 60 C. At other temperatures a red light will show. Contact for more Information

RT600B2 F2


RT600 is a water and soil resistant thermometer with covered pushbuttons for On/off, C/F and Minimum/maximum indication.
There is a hole for hanging and a protective cover with a pocket clip. The cover may be used for stirring or may serve as an extra long handle. The large temperature range
makes the thermometer very versatile. Use for: Fresh chilled food, Frozen foods, Chemicals, Vaccines, Food processing and much more. Contact for more Information



RT602is a rugged and robust fast reading thermometer. It has a tapered probe with a smaller pointed tip, which makes it easy to push through vegetables, fruit or meat. The smaller size makes it easier to carry in the pocket.
Large display of temperature. 
Water resistant with covered push button for On/off. Contact for more Information

EzyScan final2

EzyScan Dual

The EzyScan Dual is a hand-held infra-red thermometer, that can measure surface temperature without coming into contact with that it is measuring. To scan, keep the button pressed to scan temperatures. Lift the finger and EzyScan Dual will hold the last measurement for 15 seconds. Contact for more Information



The RS232 thermometer has a Pt100 sensor and outputs the temperature measurements as RS232 signals. It is meant to be incorporated into another system, for example, in trucks, where these signals can be sent through GPRS or other, to record and keep track of remote fridges.


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