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T-TEC Software Update and Demo

Those that use the Blue Dot Reader with Thermochrons should un-install T-TECW versions prior to 11.7 before installing 11.8 or later. You may also need to un-install the 1-Wire USB Drivers through Device Manager (the Blue Dot Reader will need to be plugged in) before installing the latest version.

T-TEC Software version 15.2: SetupT-15.2.exe:

Thanks to our sharp-eyed customers noticied a few issues: Autoload in T-TEC logger communications now works, DLLs for TempReport are now updating, the correct desktop icon is being installed for T-TEC logger communications, the leftover icon for 'Thermochron Logger' is now being removed, being replaced by a desktop icon that has the same icon but is not called 'iButton Logger'.

If you have a key then this will act as an update. Without a key, this software will operate ten times. Email us to purchase the software.

  • For update: Save the file into T-TECW directory and install over your existing program. Your key and files will be saved.
  • For demo: Save the file in a place you can remember. It contains test files and will open 10 times.
  • Double click on the icon.

T-TEC Software Manual v14A

T-TEC Software Manual v14A: Man14A.pdf

  • Right click on link for the manual and choose:
    • MIE: Save Target As
    • Netscape: Save Link Target As
    • Opera: Save target as
    • Mozilla: Save Link Target As
  • For update: Save the file into T-TECW directory
  • For demo: Save the file in a place you can remember

T-TEC data logger and Thermochron iButton 2D temperature movie software

Full explanation, manual and help file for the DyMap read-only program is in the Dymap.ZIP file. To get a quick look:

  • Save the file into an empty directory and unzip it
  • In this directory, find and run TTECDyMapRO.exe
  • Under the Data Filter tab, click 'Load Report'
  • Double click on A263.ttr (this should be displayed in the file open dialog box)
  • Click the second button labeled 'Calculate' (Averaged Temperatures)
  • Click on the Graph' tab
  • To run the movie, click 'Slides'


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