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SpaceLogger A10

Product code: SL017PL180

The SpaceLogger.A10 is a versatile 2 channel 4 to 20 mA data logger.

Data is stored on a removable memory card, enabling remote data logging without the need for direct connection to a PC. After logging, the memory card can be simply inserted in a card reader, to view and analyse the data on a PC; no special software is required.

Each data record can be date and time-stamped when it is stored. A new file is generated for each day's data. The default file format is .CSV; other file extensions may be specified.

Data is stored as ASCII text with each record on a new line with comma separated fields. The available fields are: record prefix text, time & date, channel 1 reading, channel 1 units text, channel 2 reading, channel 2 units text, switch state.

Analogue values can be linearly scaled to convert to the units of the parameter being measured. Readings are sampled at 75 Hz and averaged over 1 sec.


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