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PowerSight Quality and Power Energy Analyzers

Measurement & Control Solutions is the Southern African Distributor of the PowerSight® family of electric power analyzers; the "tools of first resort" for energy and power analysis. PowerSight analyzers provide extensive capabilities as energy and demand analyzers, harmonic analyzers, power quality analyzers, power meters, and data loggers. They are easy-to use, small, light-weight, and highly capable yet cost-effective instruments.

Use them for three-phase, two-phase, single-phase, 4 wire delta, open delta, 2CT/2PT, DC, 50Hz, 60Hz, and 400Hz systems. They are in use by utilities, electrical contractors, electrical test engineers and plant & facility engineers all over the world (including The South Pole).

The PS250 Power Monitor

This Power Logger has four current and three voltage channels to directly measure all phases and neutral in single, two-phase, three-phase, split delta, 2PT/2CT, DC, 45-66 Hz, 360-440 Hz, just about any situation you will ever encounter

The PS2500 Power and Data Logger

This is our entry-level, low-cost data logger. It performs all measurements required for energy and demand analysis.  It also has an option for harmonic analysis.

The PS3000 Power Energy Cost Analysis

Complete power/energy/cost analysis for single or three phase power systems in a compact, rugged package. Measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWH, Hz, elapsed and estimated cost, duty cycle. Long term logging for up to months at a time. Manual waveform capture ability. Real time meter display of present values.

The PS3500 Energy Analyzer

Our most popular meter performs data logging and all measurements for energy and demand analysis, plus it includes harmonic analysis as standard.  A full keypad and meter display window allows the PS3500 to be used for real-time spot-checks of all power parameters, similar to a multimeter.  The PS3500 is also available for rental from PowerSight Technology.

The PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer

This meter is oriented towards the demanding needs of power quality analysis. In addition to energy analysis and logging, it makes harmonic analysis on every cycle, captures swells and sags on every half cycle, and captures transients with a resolution of 8 microseconds; all in a package that fits in your hand and weighs less than 2 pounds!

Set triggers for power quality events, (sags, swells, transients), current inrush etc.

View real-time waveforms, harmonics, phasors in scope mode


PS4500 Power Meter and Analyzer

All PowerSight models use the same PowerSight Manager (PSM) software and the same voltage and current probes to allow easy interchange between models.

We offer the widest breadth of accessories and options:

  • Voltage probes are supplied with all models for direct connection up to 600VAC

  • Optional High Voltage probes rated to 5KV, or 15KV

  • AC Current probes for currents from 5 milliamps to 6,000 Arms

  • Styles of Current probes include flexible rope types (Rogowski), and clamp-on types

  • On-line Motor Diagnostics and Analysis Option

  • Power-line noise spectrum analysis option up to 100KHz

  • Hard, soft, or weather resistant carrying cases

  • Line-to-DC converters to power the meter off the AC source you are monitoring

  • Bluetooth Communications

  • PC Analysis and Report Generation Software

  • CAT-IV Safety rating

The Key to Successful Power Studies

Performing a power study is a process. Consider that any power study has a beginning, a middle, and an end that involves several activities. The process can be described as follows:

  • Making connections to the power circuit

  • Set-up (programming) of the meter

  • Measurement and collection and of data with meter

  • Analysis of data in PC

  • Generation of final report - documenting results.

See a sample report here: Auto Report

PowerSight meters have been designed to aid the entire process as well as measure all aspects of power.  With a PowerSight you will consistently achieve succesful studies, first time, every time, and have a more satisfactory user experience.

Get the paper published in Electrical Products & Solutions magazine here: Power Monitoring: Successful Studies Follow a Process.


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