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Wide Range Flexible Current Probe 1 - 6000 amps

Model No: eFX6000 and eFX6000-36

24" length

36" length

Flexible probes are powered from the PowerSight meter - no external batteries are needed.


*For use with PS2500, PS3500, PS4500 Only


The NEW eFX6000 wide range flexible current probe

The EFX6000 is a flexible AC current clamp utilizing the Rogowski principle. It can be used to measure currents from 1 amp to 6000 Amps in 2 ranges, over a wide frequency range to 50kHz. The flexible and lightweight measuring head allows quick and easy installation in hard to reach areas, around large conductors and where acess to confined or tight spaces is a problem. The eFX6000 improves the performance of Rogowski-type current probes with the following benefits:

1) it operates over a wide range from low current to high current (1 - 6000 amps) in 2 user-selected ranges
2) is thinner (0.4") to allow easier access to conductors in tight and confined situations
3) offers excellent accuracy, 1% - 2% typical

Measurement Ranges: 1 - 150 A (low range), 10 - 6000 A (high range)

+/-1% when coupling is situated away from conductor as indicated below
+/- 2% for varying its position around the conductor
+/- 0.5A (high range) or +/- 0.1A (low range)

Frequency range: 22 -440 Hz

EFX6000 24" length is $ 395 and EFX6000-36 36" length is $ 495
Operates with the PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer, PS3500 Energy Analyzer and PS2500 Power Logger only.

  • Features

Electrical Characteristics
Current Ranges (selectable via external control signal) 150/6000 Amps (RMS)AC
Accuracy (45-65 Hz): 1% of reading 0.1A (150A range): 1% of reading 0.5A (6000A range)
Linearity: (10% to 100% of range): 0.2% of reading
Bandwidth: (-3dB): 10Hz to 50kHz
Phase Error: (45 65Hz): <1
Temperature Coefficient: 0.08% of reading / C
Position Sensitivity: 2% of reading
Calibration position: Coupling 90 degrees off from conductor

Working Voltage: 1000V AC RMS or DC (Probe and Integrator)

General Characteristics
Probe and Cable Material: Alcryn 2070 NC, LATENE 7H2W V0
Probe Length 610mm (24)/915mm (36)
Probe Cable Diameter: 9.9 mm (0.4") nominal
Inside Diameter: 184mm (7.25)/279mm (11)
Connector cable Length (Probe to Integrator box): 2 m (78.75")
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to +80C
Storage Temperature Range: -40 to +90C
Operating Humidity: 15% to 85% (non condensing)
Degree of protection: IP65 Probe, IP4x Integrator module
Colour Pantone 485 Red
ROHS and WEEE Compliant

Safety Standards
EN 61010-1:2001
EN 61010-031:2002
EN 61010-2-032:2002
1000 VRMS, Category III, 600 VRMS, Category IV, Pollution Degree 2 (Probe and Integrator)
Use of the probe on uninsulated conductors is limited to 1000 V ACRMS or DC and frequencies below 1 kHz.
EMC EN61326-2-2:2006

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