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PS3000 PowerSight Power Analyzer

Energy Analyzer model PS3000 PowerSight Model No: PS3000


THE CLASSIC POWERSIGHT PS3000 ENERGY ANALYZER Get complete power/energy/cost analysis in a compact, rugged package. The PS3000 measures voltage, current, KW, KVA, KVAR, true power factor, displacement power factor, KWh, Hz, elapsed and estimated cost, duty cycle. Long term logging for up to months at a time. Manual waveform capture ability. Real time meter display of present values.

THE POWERSIGHT PS3000 ENERGY ANALYZER is a versatile, easy-to-use power monitor suitable for energy and demand power studies. It is a data logger, energy and demand meter, harmonics analyzer and "live-view" scope and multimeter - all in one! It can:
Record energy use (kWh), and peak demand
Log power parameters: volts, amps, watts, va, var, pf, etc. over time (days/weeks/months)
Track total harmonic distortion to the 63rd harmonic
Display real time values in meter window just like a multimeter
Display oscilloscope waveforms, harmonic spectra, phasors via a PC + Serial communications
Measure DC voltage and current
Monitor 50Hz, or 60Hz systems

Data Sheet

It's rugged construction make the PS3000 ideal for field work. Clearly labeled buttons display present values on a LCD window for quickly making spot measurements at panels and equipment.

Use it on AC single phase or three phase circuits and loads. Data is saved to internal memory that can be downloaded to a PC via RS 232 serial communications cable (supplied). PC software and Report Writer are included. See an example here: Report

12 Voltage Measurements
16 Current Measurements
True Power Factor
Displacement Power Factor
Phase lag angles
KW, KVA, KVAR (phase & total)
Delta & Wye configurations
DC volt, amps, power
Harmonics (to 50th)
THD voltages & amp; K-Factor
Crest Factor
KWH (Elapsed & Estimated)
Cost (Elapsed & Estimated)
Adjustable Utility Rates
Peak Demand Period
Basic Disturbance analysis
Logging intervals from 1 sec to 99 min.
Waveform Capture
Input Ratios
Duty and Power Cycles
Real Time Clock

Going green? Need to control energy costs and implement energy savings measures? The PS3000 is ideal for establishing base-line data, and verifying the savings after changes have been made.

The new safety regulations demand safer tools. The PowerSight PS3000 has a a CAT-II (600V/1000V) safety rating.

Do you need more than a data logger or energy analyzer for Power Quality i.e. to catch transient power disturbances, voltage fluctuations?
Choose the PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer for cycle-by-cycle RMS measurements plus sags, swells, and transient events capture. PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer



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