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15k Voltage Probe Set of 3 (with Hot Sticks)

PowerSight Technology’s 15KV high voltage probe for direct connection from 600 to 15kv rms AC or DC.


  • Linear output to ±2% for voltages between 2,400 and 15,000 Vrms.

  • Probe length - 16 inches. Diameter - 1.5 inches.

  • Cable length - 5 feet

  • Weight - less than 1 lb.

  • harmonics attenuation declines 1 db from 50 to 900 Hz (11% attenuation at 15th harmonic of 60 Hz or 18th harmonic of 50 Hz)

Data Sheet

Ideally, professionals who wish to measure 12,500 volt lines need to locate a PT (potential transformer) and then connect to the low voltage output secondary of the PT. The PT ratio is entered into the PowerSight so that primary values are displayed. However, sometimes a convenient PT is not available or the measurement must bypass the PT to verify whether the metering circuit is correct.
The 15KVP allows direct connection to the primary voltage or at any point of interest whether PTs already exist or not.

Each 15KVP is 16 inches long and 1.5 inches in diameter. They connect to high voltage lines via an open hook that is 1.3 inches in diameter. The hook is screwed into the end of the probe. It can be replaced with other custom-made attachments using a 1/4" x 20 thread. The bottom of the 15KVP has a recessed threaded coarse 5/8” hole for mounting to a hot stick.The 15KVP is lifted into position via a hot stick. Hot sticks may be purchased from PowerSight Technology [order STKS] or may be supplied by the customer.

A typical installation includes three 15KVPs (one for each phase) and one PowerSight® energy analyzer. Each high voltage probe is connected to the analyzer via safety banana jacks. Each is also always securely grounded via a hefty ground lead. Each lead is labeled to advise how to use it.

Using the 15K High Voltage Probe

Whenever possible, connect the probes to a de-energized circuit. First, connect the ground lead of each of the probes to a secure ground point.

Next connect each of the Vn safety banana plugs into the Vn input of PowerSight. These are special stackable plugs, so all three plug into the same input. Next plug The Va, Vb, and Vc safety banana plugs into the Va, Vb, and Vc inputs of PowerSight.

At this point, press the “Calibra” button on PowerSight and follow the procedure to enter an input ratio of 60:1 for Va, Vb, and Vc. This ratio will remain until it is replaced or until PowerSight is turned off.

Lastly, connect the hooked tips of each probe to the correct phase and then re-energize the circuit.

These probes are used exclusively with the PowerSight® line of Energy Analyzers, manufactured by PowerSight Technology Inc.

The 15KVP may be bought singly. The photo above shows three 15KVPs and a set of 9 hotstick extenders [model # STKS].

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You can use these high voltage probes with our meters:


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