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OdaLog Instruments      


The OdaLog® is a portable gas detector specifically designed for the wastewater industry, manufactured by App-Tek International – the industry-proven gas detection specialist for harsh environments.

Due to the nature of the environment in which the instrument has to operate, the OdaLog® is designed to be intrinsically safe, corrosion-resistant, robust and able to log data for extended periods of time. The OdaLog® is primarily used at a location close to the source of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) emissions such as those found within sewerage pumping stations, receiving manholes and inside sewer collection lines. Also, it can be used as personal safety device for confined spaces (OdaLog® 7000 MkII).

The OdaLog® interfaces with App-Tek’s own proprietary easy to use OdaStat-G software and allows users to set up the OdaLog® and download logged data in a user friendly format. All data is presented in tabular or graphical form to highlight significant variations in H2S levels over time. The OdaLog® uses IrDA (Infrared Data Association) technology to communicate between the logger and its proprietary OdaStat-G software.


Latest News
 New Product Release: ODALOG TYPE RTX

 App-Tek International is pleased to announce the release of the 
 OdaLog® Type RTX:

  • Wireless transmission of gas concentration data through the Internet

  • Data accessible with PC based software OdaStat-G

  • Instrument configuration and parameters can be changed remotely

  • Stores up to 42000 data points on the actual device

  • Designed for harsh sewer environments

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