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  • High Speed Data Acquisition
  • Stand Alone and real Time Monitoring
  • Up to 42 Analogue Sensors Inputs
  • 16 digital channels
  • Low voltage AC inputs
  • ATA Flash Card for Removable Data Storage
  • Serial Sensor Channel
  • Fatigue Cycle Counting

Combining the roles of data acquisition, data logging and controller, the DT800 is a robust, stand alone, high speed unit featuring 16 bit resolution, battery backed internal SRAM and ATA Flash memory card support, 12V or internal battery operation

Versatile Measurement

The DT800 has 42 analogue inputs, giving 42 separate single ended channels or 24 differential channels. These are isolated and over voltage protected, with measurement across 12 autoscaling ranges from 10mV to 13V full scale.

All common measurement types are supported, including DC and AC(RMS) voltage, current, resistance, temperature, bridges, strain gauges, 4-20mA loops and frequency. Adjustable excitation and triggering are provided on all channels. A Serial Sensor Port is also included for sensors with RS232/485 or SDI-12 capability.

Digital I/O consists of 8 digital input channels, and 8 digital I/O channels. Two of the digital inputs have adjustable threshold for the monitoring of low level signals. Digital state, counts at up to 10kHz and triggering are supported on all digital channels.

Data Storage and Communications

An RS232 port, an Ethernet port and a Flash card port are provided as standard for dataTaker programming and data retrieval. Data can either be returned in real time or stored to internal RAM or a memory card.

The DT800 has modem dial-in and dial-out capability. TCP/IP is supported, which means that the DT800 can communicate over a local area network. In addition, an on-board FTP server is provided so that files can easily be transferred via the Ethernet or RS232 ports.


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