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Wireless temperature data logger with dual temperature sensors (T-TEC F-RF)

Available Features

WirelessT TEC73F RF

  • Up to 350 meters distance, in clear line of sight
  • Radio frequency: 433 MHtz
  • Tulip8 protocol
  • User access control
  • Optional cloud storage for remote data viewing


  • Dust and water tight
  • IEC standard 60529

Sensor Options

  • 1F - Fixed internal and a connector for a remote
  • 2F - Fixed external and a connector for a remote
  • 3F - With connectors for two remote

Without LCD Display (Type 6)

  • Audio alarm

With LCD Display (Type 7)

  • Low battery warning
  • Logging indicator
  • Visual alarm
  • Display alternates between the two channels

Temperature Ranges

T1- 40 + 85C
Memory100,000+ logs

For Further technical specifications on the data logger units and sensor accuracies and resolutions contact us.



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