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PowerSight PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer. CAT IV Safety. SD Memory Card Slot. Bluetooth.

For all Power Quality investigations; sags, swells, transients, harmonics, the PS4500 will help you answer the question:

“IS MY POWER GOOD OR BAD?” This application note describes how to understand a) what to measure and b) how to perform a power quality study: How to Conduct a Power Quality Study with the PowerSight PS4500 Power Quality Analyzer

Model No: PS4500

View the Brochure/Data Sheet

Use as a voltage only analyzer, or choose current probes here: PROBESfor simultaneous energy and power measurements.


THE POWERSIGHT PS4500 POWER QUALITY ANALYZER FROM SUMMIT TECHNOLOGY is a versatile, easy-to-use power monitor suitable for all types of power studies. It is a data logger, energy and demand meter, power quality monitor, harmonics analyzer and "live-view" scope and multimeter - all in one!

It can:
• Catch power quality events such as fast transients (impulses) to 8us, voltage sags (dips), and swells.
• Track total harmonic distortion to the 63rd harmonic
• Record energy use (kWh), and log all power parameters: watts, va var, pf, etc.
• Data log RMS voltage and current over time (days/weeks/months) with cycle-by-cycle resolution
• Display real time values in meter window – just like a multimeter
• Display oscilloscope waveforms, harmonic spectra, phasors via a PC + Bluetooth wireless communications
• Measure DC voltage and current
• Monitor 50Hz, 60Hz or 400Hz(Contactsystems

To see examples of PS4500 power quality and energy measurements go here: Examples

It's rubberized contoured case and rugged construction make the PS4500 ideal for field work. Clearly labeled buttons display present values on a back-lit LCD window for quickly making spot measurements at panels and equipment. Our patented SureStart  feature automatically checks for wrong connections before you begin monitoring to ensure a successful power study every time.

Use it on AC single phase or three phase circuits and loads, or on DC and 400 Hz systems. Data is saved to internal memory that can be downloaded to a PC via Bluetooth. Alternatively, the PS4500 includes a removable SD memory card slot (to 2GB capacity) that allows you to backup power survey data and transfer the data to a PC via an SD card. PC software and Report Writer are included. See an example here:Report

High-speed sampling to 8us offers high performance for capturing spikes and transients. Cycle-by-cycle recording provides greatest accuracy for data logging and recording voltage fluctuations. Continuous sampling ensures no cycle is missed, no times when the meter is blind.

The new safety regulations demand safer tools. The PowerSight PS4500 has a CAT-IV (600V/8000V) safety rating (1000V CAT-III with the 1kV option)-- the best choice for working on systems to 600VRMS.

Be Comfortable. Be Safe. Get relief from wearing PPE. PowerSight meters and analyzers with Bluetooth wireless communications are the safest way to test. After installing the PowerSight and its probes, workers can get away from high voltages and Arc Flash dangers and test remotely. Once at a safe distance cumbersome PPE suits, hoods, gloves etc. can be removed. Thus workers can more comfortably control the PowerSight, view connections, phasors, and real-time values, start/stop monitoring and download data in complete safety (up to 25 feet away) via a PC, netbook. or PDA.

With a CAT-IV Safety rating (600V/800V, 1000V CAT-III with the 1kV option)you can confidently use the PS4500 on systems up to 600 VRMS. Bluetooth wireless communications allows remote control via a PC or netbook, up to 25 feet away. Read this article: Testing & Safety

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